CIGNA Changes It’s Lab Testing Network on 3/1/13 – Be Sure to Use In-Network Laboratories to Avoid Extra Charges

Like many other medical care costs, the cost of laboratory tests continues to escalate. In an effort to better control lab test costs, CIGNA has negotiated an exclusive arrangement with a laboratory network that includes two of the largest testing companies in the country – Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics,

Beginning on March 1, 2013 your doctor must use one of these laboratories (or another in the CIGNA network) for your tests, or you could be exposed to balance billing to the extent that another lab’s bills exceed CIGNA’s maximum allowable charge for a given test.

CIGNA’s Network providers almost invariably and automatically use these CIGNA in-network lab companies, but non-network physicians may not (even though 99+ % of physicians have access to Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics). Therefore, to minimize the possibility of balance billing, it is a good idea to remind your physician’s staff that you want them to use Labcorp, or Quest Diagnostics for your tests. In that way you can assure that your lab work will be treated as having been done “in-network” thus minimizing or eliminating your out-of-pocket costs (as well as the costs for the Health Fund).

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