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The Summary Plan Description (SPD) explains in significant detail the benefits,
eligibility rules, participant rights and other important information regarding the
Equity-League Health Fund. It contains the most detailed information available online.
It is presented here in a PDF file format. Please note that the SPD is searchable by typing the word(s) you are searching for in the box that says “Find” in the upper right of the PDF document's tool bar.


Health Fund Announces Coverage for Gender Reassignment Treatments

New Two Month Waiting Period and Monthly Eligibility Testing

Critical Action is Needed When You Become Medicare Eligible.

Have Text Message Reminders of Health Premiums Due Sent to Your Cell Phone – With One Simple Step

Changes in the Health Fund's Self-Pay Program After COBRA

CIGNA Changes It’s Lab Testing Network on 3/1/13 – Be Sure to Use In-Network Laboratories to Avoid Extra Charges.

Important Notice when Premium Payments are made Near the End of Grace Periods.

CIGNA Mandatory Mail Order and Generic Prescription Drug Programs

CIGNA is Available by Phone or Online 24/7

Current Health Summary Annual Report

Direct Pay Program Between the Equity-League Health Trust Fund and the Actors Federal Credit Union

COBRA Entitlement - New York State Subsidy Details

Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center

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